Monday, April 23, 2012

Lose Five Pounds in a Month!!

So spring is here and summer is coming.  I want to lose 5 pounds.  I have done things like not eating anything for 11 days to fit into my wedding dress eight years after the big event. Do you have any idea how many social gatherings are around food?! I lost the necessary 12 pounds, so I could actually button the dress and have pictures taken from the back, but it was painful!  After another baby, a continued battle with a foot injury, and a love for food I need to take action.  I can either wait until summer hits and be bummed I only have two pair of shorts that fit, or I can make some changes now.

I contemplated taking a before picture wearing the shorts I want to wear, so I could take a picture with the dynamic results.  Not!! If you are a woman, you know what a muffin top is, and I don't have to embarrass myself and accentuate mine :)

Here's my plan. First, I want to move (cardio) for 30 minutes at least three times per week. I have an elliptical and it tells me I burn about 330 calories for that length of time on the first level of resistance. Second, I plan to do an ab excersize at least twice a week. We have P90x, and I tried it for the first time yesterday. AbRipper is the name and boy does it live up to it's name!!  Third, I am going to think about what I put in my mouth. Meaning choose a snack like an apple over my typical Oreos dipped in peanut butter and dunked in milk. I have also used the Fat Flush Diet. Basically you eat real foods with a low glycemic index, meaning it doesn't spike your blood sugar. I am going to eat one meal a day that follows that principle. Do what is practical and what you can commit to.  Then don't let anything stand in your way. Are you with me?



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