Monday, September 17, 2012

Printable Behavior Chart and School Store Ideas

I have to give credit to my friend Rachel for posting a photo of her behavior chart and reward system that she is implementing with her kids for school. I saw a picture of it during our first week of school, but didn't think much of it since everything was going so well! By our second week, I was revisiting her photo and frantically trying to recreate my own! 

What we're doing:
  • We start out the day at "Ready to Learn"
  • Frequently, throughout the day, each child's name will be moved up and down the chart depending on how they are behaving. 
  • I reserve "Excellent" status for really good behavior. I like that the bottom section says "Consequence" because this could be any number of things, you choose. Loss of privilege, time out, etc. 
  • If a child ends the day at "Excellent" they earn 10 points
  • "Good Job" earns 5 points
  • "Ready to Learn" earns 1 point
  • "Warning" and "Consequence" earn 0 points
  • Points can be accumulated and used when we have a "shopping" day at the "store"
  • Prizes are priced from 20 points on up, based on their value (I got prizes from the Target dollar section, Dollar Tree and Five Below) 

What you need for a Behavior Chart:
  • 1 Standard size poster board, cut in half lengthwise (this should make it 28.25" long and 11" wide)
  • Clothes pins for each child
  • My FREE Behavior Chart printable
  • Glue and Tape
  • Scissors
  • String
Cut out each page and glue to the poster board. If you use the cutting guidelines printed on each page, they should all fit perfectly on a single poster board. Use arrows to write your children's names and glue to clothespins. Attach a string to the top of the chart (for hanging) using tape or by punching holes.

I also got thinking that this would work great in a Kids Church setting! I tweaked it just a little bit and have included it here in case anyone wants it: Church Behavior Chart

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  1. Wow these are amazing ideas! Now I’ll be having new materials for my class.


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