Saturday, November 24, 2012

50 Ways to Set a Holiday Table

Every November, my church hosts a Christmas Tea. Women from all over come together for a relaxing evening of laughter, friendship and great food before the rush of the holiday season hits. Each year, tables are decorated by individuals who have complete freedom to decorate according to their own unique styles. I love all the creative ideas and inspiration that everyone walks away with. Here is a sampling of ideas from several years worth of events! 

Look closely for ideas, and keep in mind that most of these tables are decorated inexpensively using things found around the house. My favorites include felt placemats, burlap runners, green apples, pastel ornaments, painted sticks, wrapping paper runners, teapot centerpieces, candy trees, mismatched china, scarves around chairs, and many more. Look closely and think of all the new ways you can use an old centerpiece or fold your napkins this Christmas season! There are so many color combinations, other than the traditional red and green that still shout "Christmas!" Have some fun...

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