Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Free American Girl Ballerina Pattern

I am loving this series on American Girl Doll Clothes! I am having fun taking scraps from other projects in my past and putting them together. The golden satin is from a dress I made in high school. Sarah suggested I add the ribbon to the ballet slippers.  I was so excited the way it all came together. Of course with a change of fabric, you could transform this into regular doll clothes and skip the ballet part. The instructions are very straight forward. I hope that you really enjoy making this for your little one.

The free pattern for this outfit can be found here: American Girl Ballerina Outfit
The free shoe pattern is in the pattern for the American Girl PJ's.

The instructions are very straight forward.  I have included pictures for the darts on the leotard and the interfacing that I added to the shoes because I used satin.

Darts are needed for the opening to fit the contour of the bottom.

What the dart looks like pinned.

A finished, sewn dart.

Now for the Shoes

Cut the interfacing a little smaller the the material your are pressing with the bumps down, so nothing gets on your iron or ironing board.

If you want ribbon, sew it in with the first seam.

Happy Sewing!! ~Julia

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  1. Thanks so much for free pattern. I'm always looking for something new and FREE.

  2. I am so happy I found your site. I have not sewn in about 35 years, and would like to teach my granddaughter to sew for her American Girl dolls. These patterns are simple enough for a wonderful chance to learn. Excitement will build as she finds herself making new clothes for her dolls. As she gains experience and confidence she can advance to more difficult patterns. God bless you for sharing your talent with others.

  3. I was so pleased to find your patterns and I am looking forward to sewing them for a young friend's Maplelea doll, the Canadian Girl version of the American Girl.doll. I purchased two patterns at a craft store and it took me two days to sew a dress, there were so many little pieces! I am excited about presentling my small friend with three new additions to Brianne's wardrobe, I know she will love them. Onward now to tiny flannelette pajamas! Thank you for your patterns and the easy, clear instructions.


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