Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quick Table Runner

I bought some pretty yellow fabric the other day for $1/yard and have been thinking over what I would use it for. Don't get me wrong, I love sewing, crafting, creating, etc. but if a project takes me longer than an hour to bring to completion, well, then it just seems like work! I love quick things that are fun to make and rewarding to look at! For this table runner, all I did was cut a piece of fabric to the size I wanted (didn't even measure, just "eye balled" it!!) Hemmed the edges, then used a hot glue gun to add the ribbon and buttons.

These just so happen to be my Valentine's day flowers - hubby was with me at Costco the other day and asked me to pick out what I wanted, rather than wait till they went up in price the week of Valentines day! Romantic, huh? Well, it worked out because now he knows I would rather have white tulips over red roses!

I'm enjoying the view of the tulips from my "workstation" - aka my lap top and sewing machine, currently occupying the dinner room table.

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